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What is QACNB?

The Queer Arts Council of New Bedford (QACNB) provides opportunities, networking, and creative avenues for the LGBTQIA+ /Queer communities in South Coast Mass/RI. We work with integrity, persistence, and conversation to create more spaces and visibility for our community. By engaging the legacy of queer-organizing and local partnerships, we help compensate queer creatives and performers for work that reaches their own community.

Who is QACNB?

We are a group of New Bedford-based creatives dedicated to supporting queer artists of all kinds in our community. In 2019, a group of queer friends and allies came together to bring Pride to AHA! New Bedford via the Block Party at Custom House Square. Inspired by the community's positive response, we decided to make things official and founded the Queer Arts Council of New Bedford (an affiliate of the South Coast LGBTQ Network) to expand creative and expressive opportunities for queer artists in New Bedford. The QAC Community Board meets virtually and shares the responsibilities of facilitating and notetaking at meetings.

How can I get involved with QACNB?

Volunteer for Future Events

AHA! Pride 2023

Got ideas for collaborations or wanna add your skills to the Council?

Join us at the Fall/Winter Social Hour and learn about how to attend our virtual

Community Board meetings (alternating Wednesdays)

Other questions? Email qacnewbedford@gmail.com for the info!

The Archives

Pride Block Party Montage_V4.mp4

Thank you to Magic Land Entertainment for all your support from live production to this post event video!

Thanks to the Standard Times for capturing 2019's Block Party!